Flood Insurance

Natural calamities like floods can destroy or damage your vehicle. So, it’s essential to have auto insurance coverage.Standard flood insurance covers direct physical losses to your vehicles and belongings. Our flood insurance policy covers losses or damages caused by natural calamities, such as floods, cyclones and hailstorms. There are two types damages occurs by flood to your vehicle:

  • Engine damage
  • Accessories damage

A vehicle fully submerged in flood can have a complete or partially damaged engine. When you replace a full engine it can cost high and similarly repairing of accessories would also cost quite high but our flood insurance coverage rescue both upholstery and engine damage at the lower cost.

We also cover:

  • Zero depreciation
  • Engine protector
  • Engine circuit cover
  • Accessories damage coverage

If you are willing to file a flood insurance coverage or need any assistance then feel to contact us: 210-796- 4538.